I Produced Most Of The Biggest Hit Tracks In Ghana Last Year” – Beatz Vampire

Showbiz and showboating go hand in hand and Beatz Vampire is sticking to the script. As one of the industry’s most sought-after producers, he confidently declares 2023 his own and believes none of his peers even come close heading into the Telecel Ghana Music Awards 2024.

Despite the prominent awards show just a month away–June 1, Beatz Vampire is already anticipating a clean sweep under its rebranded glory. His gaze is set on one of the night’s most coveted achievements: the “Producer of the Year” award.

And with four hits credited to him under three artists in the previous year alone, it is easy to see why he is confidence levels are stratospheric.

Last year, the young producer was all over the place. His work on JZyNO and Lasmid’s ‘Butta My Bread’ was a mega success, bringing over 160M streams across platforms.

The song’s popularity on TikTok also got under the skin of artists like Nigeria’s Ruger, who tried to downplay its quality and appeal. Beatz Vampire chased this down with equally catchy tracks like ‘Goodsin,’ ‘Likor’ and ‘I Lied,’ which garnered similar acclaim.

Indeed, Beatz Vampire has a good chance of winning the award. Since the nominations list dropped, his name has been on the lips of fans who showed their support.

The producer chimed in on his fans’ sentiments, saying: “I feel honored even though this was expected. I produced most of the biggest hit songs in Ghana last year, from JZyNO and Lasmid’s ‘Butta My Bread’ to Olivetheboy’s ‘Goodsin,’ Kidi’s ‘Likor’ and ‘I Lied,’ so it’s only right I am handed the award on that night. Big shouts to the rest of the nominees though.”

Of course, Beatz Vampire is no stranger to the hype around prestigious awards. In 2022, he was nominated “Producer of the Year” at the Ghana Music Awards USA and Ghana Music Awards France.

His contributions over the years, like Jahmiel’s ‘Beautiful,’ P-Square’s ‘Jaiye,’ Shatta Wale’s ‘Hajia Bintu’ and ‘1 Don,’ Mr Drew’s ‘Mood’ and ‘S3k3,’ Lasmid’s ‘Atele’ and ‘Sika,’ among others, were super hits of their time. But this year in review is a special one. He believes after so many years of missing out, the award is coming home.

As the Telecel Ghana Music Awards (formerly the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards) draws close, Beatz Vampire stands on the cusp of glory.

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