A Husband K*Is His Wife Of Seven Years And Himself After She Finds Out He Was Sleeping with men

Britain Armstrong m**dered his wife of 7 years, 36-year-old Jasmine Armstrong, before taking his own life. The tragic incident took place around 8 a.m. on March 23, 2024. Reports indicate that Jasmine discovered Britain’s double life and confronted him, leading to a heated argument. The confrontation escalated, resulting in Britain s**oting Jasmine multiple times before fleeing the scene. Upon police arrival, Jasmine was found with g**shot wounds and succumbed to her injuries on-site. Britain took officers on a high speed chase on Interstate 35, where he crashed near mile marker 324 and ultimately took his own life. Following the devastating events, the couple’s two children have been left orphaned and are currently under the care of their grandmother.

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