Shallipopi channels inner Shakespeare on sophomore album ‘Shakespopi’

hallipopi’s ascent in the Nigerian music industry has been phenomenal, a shooting star burning bright across the sky. In a mere two years, he’s transcended the ranks of newcomers and secured a coveted spot at the top, his name synonymous with the hottest trends. Yet, for Shallipopi, this is just the first act. Restless and ever-ambitious, he refuses to rest on his laurels.

Just under six months after unleashing his debut album, Presido La Pluto, which solidified his place in the music scene, Shallipopi takes another giant leap forward with his sophomore effort, aptly titled Shakespopi. The name itself is a playful nod to the comparisons fans have drawn between Shallipopi and the legendary bard, Williams Shakespeare. As Shallipopi confidently declares on the album’s opening track, ASAP, “Na Shallipopi dey write, na Shakespeare dey shake.”

The nine-track album features an array of different sounds. Shallipopi isn’t alone on the project, he enlisted the talents of Reehaa, alongside the familiar names, Zerrydl and Tega Boi DC, both signed to his own Plutomania Records label.

With Shakespopi, Shallipopi is here to stay. He has proven that he’s got a lot in his sleeves, and will keep pushing relentlessly for greatness, regardless of the takes of naysayers.

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