Rema’s album “Rave & Roses” has earned a new certification in France

Rema’s album “Rave & Roses” has earned a new certification in France, achieving Platinum status. This makes it only the second Afrobeats album ever to reach Platinum in the country.

“Rave & Roses,” released in 2022, received widespread acclaim for its unique blend of Afrobeats, Afro-rave, dancehall, and Arabian influences, establishing Rema as a leading figure in the global Afrobeats scene.

The album’s success was fueled by popular singles like “Calm Down,” which reached number three on the UK Singles Chart and later topped the US Billboard Hot 100 with a remix featuring Selena Gomez. Additionally, “Rave & Roses” became the first African artist’s album to surpass one billion streams, further solidifying Rema’s impact on the music industry.

This achievement signifies a significant milestone for Afrobeats and adds “Rave & Roses” to the list of Platinum-selling Afrobeats albums in France.

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