‘I am successful in music because of the values I have’ – Davido reveals

Renowned musician and DMW boss, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has refuted claims that his father’s wealth played a significant role in his rise to success in the music industry. 

Speaking in a clip from an interview on the American podcast “Business Untitled,” that surfaced online on Friday, April 26, 2024, Davido addressedmisconceptions surrounding his career and emphasized the importance of talent and hard work in achieving success.

Contrary to popular belief, Davido asserted that there are individuals  from wealthier backgrounds who have not attained the level of success he has achieved. He highlighted the challenges he faced initially, revealing that his father’s affluence posed as a hurdle when he embarked on his music career. However, he stressed that his talent and dedication ultimately paved the way for acceptance in the industry.

During the podcast, Davido emphasized the value of his skill and competence in garnering recognition, stating, “I got accepted for one reason and that reason is that I am good, talented.” He emphasized that without his inherent talent and proficiency in music, he doubts he would have gained acceptance in the industry, regardless of his background.

Addressing the perception surrounding wealthy individuals in Nigeria, Davido pointed out that there are numerous billionaires in the country, including those more affluent than his father. However, he attributed his success to his personal values and commitment to his craft, rather than financial privilege alone.

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