“How I handle my colleagues’ ego” – Nancy Isime

Nigerian Nollywood veteran, Nancy Isime has disclosed how she handles her colleague’s temperaments.

The Nollywood Actress who was interviewed in recent hours discussed how she has been able to handle the temperaments of her colleagues including those who are engulfed with ego.

Speaking about her view, she detailed that one’s character has no place in her scepticism while also describing that she only considers blending with every temperament she encounters.

She further adored her colleagues and stretched that they had been perfect since she started working with them.

Her words:

“Oh that’s a great question. I don’t think I’ve ever had that kind of question before. First of all, I loved working with the vast array of people because I’ve worked with all of them before except Nasboi and Olumide but I had worked with these actors before. There was nobody who was too serious, who had ego problems, who was a narcissist. Even if they were, they didn’t show it on set and we were able to shoot for two weeks and have peace. It was a lot of fun. I laughed almost every single day, and that’s the best part about my job. I think creatives are just very funny people, so we get to laugh a lot.”

“Now, when it comes to people with a lot of ego. I don’t know how to label people – actually, maybe I know how to label people [laughs] – but I feel like I just take people for who they are. As long as you’re good at the craft. What we’re all here for is to act.”

“Guess what? You’re not responsible for people’s behavioral patterns so you can’t take that on because as a creative, that’s gonna affect your job. How am I going to explain to millions of people that the reason why I didn’t give my best is because one actor was giving me attitude? Just act. Take the script, and do your job. And that is one thing about Nollywood, we’re very professional. We all are professionals, no matter if you’re having a bad day. I’ve also had bad days so I don’t want to be a way and say I’m the only person without ego problems. I’ve had bad days too.”

“We all are divas. Aren’t you a diva? You should be. If you’re good at your job, you should be. I mean you should carry yourself with so much confidence, and sometimes just being confident rubs off the other person the wrong way so that’s not your problem. And that’s why for me I stick to “are you doing your job?” If you’re not doing your job, and you’re affecting my job, that’s where I have a problem. But so far, so good. Everyone’s so professional in my industry and I love everyone I’ve worked with and I’m so blessed to be a Nollywood actor.”

Nancy Isime’s role as a Nigerian media mogul has been impactful ever since she debuted in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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