Flavour and Pastor Odumeje team up for new single ‘Powers’

The Nigerian social media space has been buzzing with anticipation ever since clips of Flavour and Pastor Chukwuemeka Odumeje working together in the studio surfaced online. It’s an unlikely pairing between the highlife music act and the flamboyant cleric. However, they’ve been friends for a while, and as you can see, they decided to cook up a special treat for their fans.

Those captivating chants heard in the studio previews? They’re finally here in their full glory. Flavour and Odumeje have unveiled their collaborative effort, a brand new single aptly titled Powers.

True to form, Odumeje doesn’t shy away from his self-proclaimed status as a powerful figure. Throughout the track, he declares himself the “man of powers,” the “abido shaker” referencing his energetic deliverance sessions, and even throws in some colorful metaphors like “pandemic,” “epidemic,” and a “burning fire.” It’s classic Odumeje, delivered with his characteristic gusto.

Power has some beautiful touches added by Flavour, the royalty of Nigerian highlife, brings his captivating vocals to the table. His melodic presence acts as a perfect counterpoint to Odumeje’s energy, creating a surprisingly beautiful and engaging collaboration.

This unexpected pairing has certainly gotten people talking. Whether you’re a die-hard Flavour fan, an Odumeje follower, or simply someone who appreciates a bit of musical experimentation, Powers is guaranteed to be a conversation starter. It’s a unique blend of religious themes, contemporary beats, and the undeniable star power of both Flavour and Odumeje.

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