Bella Shmurda professes love to uprising musician Bloody Civilian

Nigerian musician Bella Shmurda sent fans into a frenzy during a recent live video.

The fans were in frenzy after he showered rising star Bloody Civilian with compliments. Shmurda joined Bloody Civilian’s livestream where she was previewing her unreleased song Headstart.

Not only did Shmurda praise the music, but things got interesting when he told Bloody Civilian, “You look good, I’m crushing.” Whether Shmurda was simply expressing his appreciation for her talent or hinting at something more, fans are buzzing about the interaction.

This unexpected moment has Bloody Civilian’s name on everyone’s lips. With Bella Shmurda’s endorsement and a catchy song snippet under her belt, all eyes are now on Bloody Civilian’s upcoming release Headstart. Could this be the song that launches her career into the stratosphere?

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